1、I want my tears back now. 愿尝年少泪,尤趁未老时。

2、I like to present myself. I miss out past! 我喜欢现在的自己,我怀念过去的我们!

3、Love songs so much. Why only I am sad. 情歌那么多只有心酸适合我。

4、Bad days will pass 【vs】 坏事情总会过去。

5、It would be a fine day to me if you were well. 你若安好、便是晴天。

6、How dare I hug you if you don't miss me. 你一副不缺我的样子,我怎敢去拥抱你。

7、If I had to forget your eyes before it was dark. 如果天黑之前来得及 我要忘了你的眼睛。

8、win a few, lose a few. that&rsquos life. 有得也有失,生活就是如此。

9、Only one, you are my only faith 唯你是我唯一的信仰。

10、Overflowing of I, walk in the overflowing looking for love road. 漫无目地的我,走在漫无目地寻

11、Don't give up,just be you,cause life's too short to be anybody else. 永远都不要放弃做本人,由于人生很短基本没时间模拟他人。

12、Fairy tale has ended, forgetting is happiness.童话已经结束,遗忘就是幸福。

13、The future is in my hands It&rsquos totally up to me. 我的未来我作主。

14、Why I have never catched the happiness? Whenever I want you ,I will be accompanyed by the memory of... 为什么幸福总是擦肩而过,偶尔想你的时候….就让….回忆来陪我。

15、our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. 决定我们一生的,不是我们的能力,而是我们的选择。

16、Money doesn''''t grow on trees、钱不是从天上掉下来的。

17、Live your life and forget your age. 过你的日子,别去想你过了的日子。

18、Destiny is a deck of CARDS, licensing is god, play CARDS is myself. 命运是一副牌,发牌的是上帝,玩牌的是自己。

19、Give me courage, let me go on to disturb you. 给我勇气吧 让我可以继续打扰你。

20、One is easily fooled by that which one love. 【vs】 人容易被所爱的人愚弄。

21、I want to be strong with the cry, tears are not obedient. 我想坚强着不哭,泪却不听话。

22、The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers. 你的心越封闭,你需要承受的也就越多。

23、Dye never-failing threads, missing only in suddenly

24、You can't be my poem, just as I can't be your dream. 你不能做我的诗,正如我不能做你的梦。

25、[Future time, will have my shoulder.] 未来的时光,有我的肩膀。

26、The so-called love, just feel lonely pastime. 那所谓的爱情,只不过是寂寞时的消遣。

27、Never throw away because of newness always accompany your people. 永远不要因为新鲜感扔掉一直陪伴你的人。

28、We become the most familiar strangers. 我们变成了最熟悉的陌生人。

29、I miss you but I miss you. 【vs】 [我想你但我却错过了你】

30、Love starts with a smile, develops with a kiss and ends with a tear. 爱情因一个微笑而发生,因一吻而滋长,最後因一滴眼泪而终结。

31、The unintelligent most is knowing my are spare tire is also reluctant to leave. 最怂的就是明知自己是备胎却还舍不得离开。

32、Chase your dreams or let them go.或执于你梦,或坦然放手。

33、Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. 生活就像骑单车,只有不断前进,才能保持平衡。

34、The future that we hold is so unclear. 我们曾紧握的未来却是那么模糊不定。

35、不要着急,最好的总是会在不经意的时候出现。No hurry,the best always appears accidentally

36、Don't tell me false, I am lazy perfunctory 别跟我虚伪, 我懒得敷衍。

37、Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions 幸福并非那种已经拥有的东西,她来自於你自已的行动。

38、Island is a marine

39、Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.痛苦的时日不会长久,但坚强的人会一直坚强。

40、nec possum tecum vivere,nec sine te. &ldquo我无法同你一起生活,没有你我活不下去&rdquo。

41、From now on,I will expect nothing, and just take what I get.从现在起,我将不再期待,只珍惜我所拥有的。

42、Probably growth is not anxious not impatient polite smile. 大概成长就是不急不躁待人礼貌微笑。

43、A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. 朋友就是了解所有的你却还是爱你的那个人。

44、So gorgeous appearance, but only you false hide. 那么华丽的外表,却只是你虚伪的掩饰。

45、Love you like a love song (我爱你像一首情歌)

46、Dreaming in the memory is not as good as waiting for the paradise in the hell

47、If you want something, don&rsquot wish for it. Life is too short to wait." "你若想要得到,就别只是期望。人生短暂,经不起等待。

48、I`d rather love someone I can`t have than have someone I can`t Love 我宁愿爱上一个我不能拥有的人,也不想拥有一个我无法爱上的人。

49、Know to should put down of, but still always heart luck. 明知道该放下的,却还总是心存侥幸。

50、You are my sunshine. 照亮了我的整个世界。

51、Whenyourelinquishthedesiretocontrolyourfuture,youcanhavemorehappiness. 当你放弃了对自己未来的控制,你就能拥有更多的幸福。

52、How much I love you,how much jealousy is there. 我有多爱你,就有多少醋意。

53、I prefer having your accompanying for life-long time to the short-time tenderness. 我要的,不是短暂的温柔,而是一生的守候。

54、Love, but not to ta

55、Indulges the missing pain troubled, inventorying has dripped lonely the rough sound. 放纵思念痛苦的纷扰,盘点寂寞淌过坎坷的声音。

56、Rely on I don't need your false! 我不需要你那虚伪的依靠。

57、I'm laughing somehow or other. Just because I'm thinking of you. 我莫名其妙地笑了,原来只因为想到了你

58、heard that it is very easy to be happy, as could be diluted with time going on. ------------听说幸福很简单。简单到时间一冲就冲淡。

59、Need just world . World has world . 你的就是我的,我的还是我的。

60、Willing to have a heart the white first phase from 【愿得一人心,白首不相离】

61、The people who know you are worthy of the rest of your life

62、I iust rely on memory

63、Obviously very like, but not close to. 明明动了情,却不敢靠近。

64、Cease to struggle and you cease to l

65、you not feel consumes me how many tears. 你一句没感觉 消耗了我多少眼泪。

66、No meeting, no story 没有遇见就没有故事。

67、When you finally let go of the past, something better comes along. 当你最终放开了过去,更好的事就会来临。

68、How you tried to set them free. 你多想解开被禁锢者的系绊。

69、I would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry,when my heart is broken ,is it needed to fix?

70、Destiny determines who comes into our lives but it&rsquos the heart that decides who stays inside. &mdash&mdash命运决定谁会进入我们的生活,内心决定我们与谁并肩。

71、Heart is the knife stabbed himself to others.心软就是把刀递给了别人捅自己

72、Never give up, Never lose the opportunity to succeed . 不放弃就有成功的机会。

73、Like a song, a lot of time is not because like, just by one way to miss a person... 喜欢一首歌,很多时候不是因为喜欢, 只是借一种方式去怀念一个人....... I'm just actors, always in someone else's story, his tears flow. 我只是个戏子,永远在别人的故事里,流着自己的眼泪。

74、I am not afraid of you don't like me, but fear you pretend to like me. 我不怕你不喜欢我,就怕你假装喜欢我。

75、I hope one day, I love you can write upside down. 希望有一天,我爱你可以倒过来写。

76、I can't even quit smoking, but I want to quit you, ridiculous.我连烟都戒不掉,竟妄想忘掉你,可笑。

77、Sometimes, miss is not time, is feeling. 有时候,我们错过的不是时间,是感觉。

78、No zuo no die (不做死就不会死)

79、Know that I will live in my heart. 深知我者才久居我心。

80、I can do am not many, but you need time, I always. 能做的不多,但你需要的时候,我总是在的。

81、Time is the only antidote. 时间是唯一的解药

82、你是一场盛大的梦 梦醒了我能怪谁 You are a grand

83、Many things, it is to should be passes years precipitation will gradually becoming clearer. 许多事情,都是要经过岁月的沉淀才会逐渐清晰起来。

84、I'm really cheap, I still think of you 我真贱,居然还在想着你

85、If one day you lost me, I&lsquoll never let you find me. 如果有一天你把我弄丢了,那我就永远让你找不到我